Portals of Edmin M. – The Prophecy



[Narrator: Morgan Freeman]

Portals of Edmin M. – The Prophecy

Welcome! All you travelers of the many frequencies from all across the globe. You have arrived at the portals of Edmin M. – The Holy Territory, guarded by the Magical Elders. While many of you travelers from all over the world will arrive at these very same portals again and again, the ancient prophecy predicts that the privilege of eternity has been written in stars 100s of years ago and the eternal privileges assigned to the most selfless few .

The paths of kismet have been drawn and can no longer be altered even by the elders. The paths of the chosen few have been marked by the higher ones and will lead the chosen straight to the portals of Edmin M. The ancient prophecy also predicts that The One will arrive at the portals of Edmin M. through a parallel universe during a time of Human desperation and need. While the exact arrival time of The One remains unclear even within the prophecy, a combination of events outside of our reasoning and understanding will open the Hidden Valley of Lords Passage which connects two of parallel universes and presents the single opportunity in human eternity for The One to cross over into our Universe;

As long as the portal of Edmin M. remains open. The One, who has been chosen as the savior of the Human Soul by the elders will arrive bearing the special gift. The One is the only hope that humanity has left. The One’s remains as the sole power within the Universe capable of retrieving back the melody of love, which was stolen and locked away by Satan and kept hidden in the most secret and deepest chambers of darkness. By disrupting the balance of the forces, the Devil has gained a competitive edge in his never-ending quest for a future of darkness .

Many Years later…

Years have now passed and the damage done by greed and corruption on Earth can no longer be ignored . The devil’s advocates have now integrated into every single sector in our society and dominating people’s minds. Greed and Corruption have made a name for themselves over the years. Their existence among humans has been accepted worldwide

The preservation of humanity requires true balance to be restored between all forces. If not, Satan’s soldiers greed and corruption will eradicate the very last glimpse of human hope.
The melody of love must be retrieved from the deepest dungeons of the dark world. The elders with the help of the higher ones have granted the power to retrieve the melody of love to: The One.

If you arrived at the portals of Edmin M., it is usually not a coincidence. Many artists wander searching for meaning wander off again and keep on circling back to the very same portals. True magicians of noise, these wizards of the many sirens are harmonic creators just like you and I, young and old, big and small, thin and thick, from far and near, newcomers, scholars, grads, pros, hobbyists, enthusiasts, contractors, part-timers and full-time determined war lords of melodies seem spread out equally throughout the rows.

Your path has lead you here for a reason. Your arrival at the portals of Edmin M. has been predicted long time ago. You were meant to arrive here. You have done something honorable in the past. Your reward is nearing. The more self-less your previous deed, the greater your upcoming reward. Maybe you have done something horrible in the past and your path lead you here so you can wipe your consciousness clean by helping humanity retrieve the melody of love from Satan. Time will tell your purpose at the portals of Edmin M.

If it’s meant to be, and if you are The One, your Kingdom of Eternity shall be returned and granted to you when the 3 Moons are at their highest. If your name was written in stars by the elders, your future path has already been drawn and your journey is inevitable. The position of the moons will tell when your time has come.

Wherever your final path may take you, may it be eternity, a glorious battlefield or paradise, let all of us pray that our journey be prosperous in the many ways we desire. Some paths may never lead you to the Holy Territory again, other paths may never lead you back out. Keep your cool my friends.

For some of you the time may have come to graduate to the next level. Others may need to return to the portals many times. Let the moons and certain events beyond human reasoning guide us. Take a moment. Look around yourself. Take a deep breath. Smile. You are here. You are one step closer. You are on the right track. May your quest for the many fortunes bring you happiness and joy and may your deepest desires lead you through the Prosperous Gardens of Zeus on your mission into lightness through the darkness of Xerxes.

Let us all pray that the angels watch over us and the higher ones shall protect us while the Almighty blesses and protects the souls of all innocent. May the Lord bless you with the necessary heart, the strength, the soul, the determination and the patience you need to reach for the stars and achieve your ultimate musical dreams. Now without any further interruption I present to you, your current and future host of the portals ……….. Edmin M.


[Morgan Freeman …fades to black]