1. Edmin M. is a highly accomplished IT Executive with 25+ years experience who lives in Tampa, FL and works for several Entrepreneur Franchise 500 companies while sharing his office building with Kellogg’s.

  1. Edmin M. and Arnold Schwarzenegger have similar accents. That’s because Edmin was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany while the Terminator was born and raised in Austria, 2 hours down south.

  1. Edmin M. used to be a chauffeur / executive assistant for Roland Steinel, a popular German Folk & Yodel Artist who has been performing since the late 70s. See Roland below on Youtube back in his early days.

  1. Edmin M. (German, Turkish, English) is tri-lingual and spent 20 years in Germany prior to moving to NY. His first name is actually Turkish and the translation is “Sword”.

  1. While Eminem is the fastest rapper in the world, Edmin M. is the fastest producer of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in the world.

  1. Edmin M. originally launched his online tech career in 2002, shortly after receiving his cum laude B.B.A. from Baruch College (CUNY) in Manhattan. Edmin helped 1000s of jobseekers find employment within his first year of internet business via his very first online service website: HyperBlast – Targeted Resume Distribution.

  1. Edmin M. lived in New York City for 10 years prior to moving to Florida. For many years Edmin contributed to the Community of Queens, NY by spending his spare time as an Overnight Volunteer at the Homeless Shelter of St. Kevin’s Church in Flushing, Queens.

  1. Edmin M. also spent many years as an IT freelancer prior to starting his eCommerce company osHelpers.com which he managed for 6-7 years from NY. Edmin M. (aka Chris from osHelpers) and his team of creme de la creme eCommerce programmers were rated #1 out of 346 other companies and programmers within industry relevant freelancer sites such as CRE Lance.

  1. If you like German Shepherd Dogs (GSD), you may have crossed paths with Edmin M. aka. GSDMan on Facebook. Edmin is considered a fanatical animal lover by 1000s with a particular love for the GSD breed. Pictures of Edmin and his pups back in the day upstate New York can be seen here: http://german-shepherd-club.com/wall.html



    Over 50,000 people have watched Edmin’s Video about German Training Commands on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sezlviU07Ns and Edmin M. has been tagged over 85,000 times on Facebook in relation to Animal Rescue (Search Facebook for “Photos of Chris Shepherd”, click SEE ALL. Happy Scrolling! )

  1. Edmin M. has received various exclusive partnership offers from prestige companies such as HotJobs (now Yahoo); and even exchanged a few emails with craig AT craigslist.org years ago.

  1. Edmin M. designed, built from scratch and sold PETicious, the largest online Pet Shop featuring over 158,000 pet products – around 6 times the size of an average Petsmart or Petco. Edmin ran Peticious for several years prior to its sale on Flippa right before his move to Florida in 2012. More details here: https://flippa.com/140385-peticious-com

  1. Edmin M. became a natural stone expert in 2013 while he was working as an Operations Manager for a Multi-Million dollar International Travertine Import/Export organization in Tampa. Edmin mastered the industry within 1-2 years and wrote the book on Travertine which he freely contributed to the public via his website http://what-is-travertine.com. Over the past few years, the website has educated close to half a million people worldwide about Travertine. Edmin M. also built and managed other online subsidiaries such as RockImport.com and the Travertine Depot during his time at the Travertine Warehouse.

  1. In 2014, Edmin M. built an eCommerce website for an award-winning “Dealer of the Year” enterprise out of Tampa, which was producing and serving large capacities of small-ware items (plastic forks, knifes, spoons etc.) to clients such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden etc. and annual sales exceeding 35 Million Dollars.

  1. In 2015, Edmin M. built the largest directory and resource for Pool Building companies in the USA: http://poolbuilders.in/usa lists close to 20,000 US businesses and over 12,000 swimming pool relevant articles. Edmin also grew one of the most popular Facebook pages related to Pool Building.

  1. In 2016, Edmin M. built the new website for Club Z! Inc., one of the largest educational franchise organizations in the nation. Club Z!, which was established 20+ years ago, has over 450 branches from USA to Canada to South Korea and focuses on providing private and individual learning assistance such as one-on-one academic tutoring, test preparation and college consulting to students and young adults. Impacting a child’s life positively is a truly noble and rewarding experience. Over 1.5 Million students have utilized Club Z! throughout the years. Edmin takes great pride in being part of the Club Z! IT team and the fact that there are now several hundred Club Z! Franchises which utilize the brand new site. You can check it out at http://clubz.com

  1. Edmin M.’s fairly recent accomplishments in the fields of Online Marketing such as SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Traffic Generation etc. are often outlined within the timeline photos section of Pool Builders’ Facebook.

  1. Edmin M. is also an Uber partner and provided 5-star Uber XL services for several months to approx. 400 different parties until he received a business card from the VP of IT of a company valued at $6.5 Billion Dollars. (Pool Builders’ Facebook)

  1. Edmin M. has 20+ years hands-on classic graphic design experience from Logos, Ads, Banners to Business Cards from Flyers to Brochures from Web to Print, 2D, 3D, flash animation, pool construction plans, high definition mp4 renderings, Sound Cloud Track covers and much more. As far as his audio production experience is concerned, on and off Edmin estimates no more than 3-4 years part-time audio production experience.

    * http://Poolbuilders.in/about.php#portfolio
    * http://Car-Advert.com
    * http://Tampa-Design.com
    * http://www.oshelpers.com/oscommerce-templates-c-23.html
    * 3D Video: Bahamas Club House Remodel http://tampa-design.com/windermerenight0501_2.mp4

  1. In 2017, Edmin M. recycles the template / framework which he used to build Club Z!, modifies the look and feel a bit and builds THIS SITE HERE, EDMINM.COM. Next, Edmin populated this website with 50 of the most famous DJ’s in the World and their most popular Soundcloud tracks and playlists . Since 40 out of these DJs were somewhat new to Edmin, additional research was required which quickly led Edmin to the topic of one of his previous blog post: Dutch DJ Dominance / Monopoly within the EDM Industry – an industry valued now at 7.1 Billion Dollars

    Below are some of Edmin M.’s most popular tracks on Soundcloud.